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Provo, which existed from May 15, 1965 until May 13, 1967, had its roots in the happenings performed by Robert Jasper Grootveld at the Lieverdje statue at Spui square in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. It developed into a anarchist movement that spread out to the rest of Holland, Belgium and beyond. Provo's playful revolt had a profound influence on countercultural groups as the diggers and the yippies.

In addition to the places where publications covered on this website were issued, Provo groups were active in Bruges, Charleroi and Liege in Belgium, Mainz in Germany, Strasbourg and Paris (Comité exécutif du Provotariat) in France, London in the UK, Florence in Italy, Czechoslovakia, San Fernando Valley (CA, USA), Berkeley (CA, USA) and Curaçao.

Here you find the printed images - magazines, pamphlets, posters and more - created by Provo.


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Provo symbol scratched into the Paleisstraat wall of the Royal Palace at Dam Square by Robert Jasper Grootveld



Image reproduced with kind permission from Robbert de Vries